As dog bite lawyers in Evansville, we know that if you find yourself the victim of a dog bite injury then you may be entitled to compensation. In Indiana, there is a good chance that a dog bite victim can recover compensation for their injuries. Dog owners are responsible in the state of Indiana for preventing their dogs from biting someone so long as the victim did nothing to provoke the dog. Even if the dog has not shown signs of aggression in the past the owner can still be held responsible for the bite.

Effects of a Dog Bite Injury

Dog bite injuries can cause serious damage. Medical bills can pile up and in some cases the injury can have long-term effects. It can be difficult to pursue compensation, particularly in situations where the victim is a friend or neighbor of the dog owner. However, it’s crucial that you establish a case early on so you can alleviate the financial burden that such an injury can cause. Not only can you incur expensive medical bills, but dog bite injuries may also result in time off of work and other loss of income.

Hiring an Attorney

Dog bite victims should seek the help of an attorney that is experienced with dog bite injury cases as soon as possible. A qualified attorney can help you get a better settlement than you would be able to get by yourself through the insurance company.

Upon taking your case your attorney will immediately begin to establish the responsible party’s liability. This process includes investigating the case. Evidence, such as medical records and witness statements, may be obtained at this time to help prove your case. The quicker you involve a dog bite lawyer the sooner evidence can be gathered and the sooner that a potentially dangerous dog could be prevented from harming someone else.


Your dog bite attorney will work to get an appropriate settlement for you. Typically, this means pursuing compensation from the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance or another type of liability insurance carried by the dog owner. The insurance company may try to make it seem like the victim of the dog bite injury is the one at fault. They may try to place a percentage of the fault on the victim. Your attorney will work to make sure the insurance companies do not deny the dog owner’s liability and decrease the possibility that any of the fault will be placed on you as the dog bite victim.

Litigation and Trial

It’s important to note that just because you hire a lawyer does not mean you will have to file a lawsuit and fight for your claim in court. Oftentimes a skilled attorney can help you bypass the lengthy process of litigation and the resulting trial by negotiating for and agreeing to a settlement with the insurance company. If an agreement cannot be made then your lawyer will follow through with litigation on your behalf. They will represent your case in court and push for the best outcome for their client. The legal process of collecting a dog bite injury claim can be difficult and confusing, but a good lawyer will help you through the process and represent your case to ensure the best possible settlement for you.