After a car accident, you will most likely need the assistance of an auto collision repair shops. Any town of any size in Warrick County has many collision shops from which you can choose. But choosing the best one will require you to forget about several auto collision repair myths:

#1 You Have to Use the Repair Shop Of Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company probably will recommend the auto collision repair shop they prefer. However, you have the right to select whichever shop you like. Also, remember if their repair quote is higher than what your insurance provider estimated, they must negotiate the repair cost in good faith.

Large insurance companies tend to guarantee a body shop a high amount of work, in exchange for lower rates. That is why many insurance companies work with specific body shops. This does not mean that you have to do what the insurance company tells you to do.

#2 Only the Car Dealer Can Fix My Car

This is not true, although parts made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle often are the best to do the job right. Many auto collision repair shops will try to use OEM parts as much as they can. Generally, we recommend finding a repair shop in Warrick County that uses OEM parts as much as possible.

Also, you should know that dealerships often do not specialize in body work. It takes a special skill set to do auto body work. Also, many dealerships will outsource serious body work. Independent body shops order their parts from the same places as dealerships. So, you really are not getting anything better or special by going to the dealer for body work.

#3 The Insurance Provider Covers Everything

Not always. It depends upon your insurance coverage. You should be certain that you completely understand what your insurance covers so you do not get a nasty surprise on your bill.

#4 Your Car Will Never Be Right Again

Most good auto collision repair shops in Warrick County can return your car to as good a condition as it was before the accident. Because of the modern repair technologies uses by the best shops, the car can be completely fixed in most accident cases.

#5 My Insurance Won’t Cover the Work If I Use the Wrong Shop

Wrong. Any collision center you choose will warranty the work that is done, not your insurance provider. You should look for a collision shop that will warranty the repairs for life of the car.

#6 The More Estimates I Get, the Better

There is nothing wrong with getting two or three estimates from good collision shops, but it is not required. If you find a good repair shop that several people recommend and the price seems fair, then we think it is ok to get one estimate.

If you want to get the best auto collision shop to fix your car in Warrick County, we recommend that you do not follow the above myths. Then you will find the best shop to fix your vehicle at the best price.