When we are wronged by anyone and legal action is needed, the law gives us a very specific set of rules and guides that we must follow. Probably the most important of these laws is the Statute of Limitations.

When we have lost a family member to a “wrongful death”, we go into a panic. There is so much to do, and doing those things while we are in shock and grief allows time to escape us. When we realize that we have suffered this great loss due to the negligence, carelessness, or the aggression of others, we are not always sure what to do. When we take into account that our lives are forever altered, we begin to see we need help.

There are immediate and often shockingly expensive medical bills. Funeral expenses, travel, expenses and the loss of income for those dealing with these issues are overwhelming. Then there is the loss of companionship, love, emotional, and financial support to deal with. Soon you will come to realize that these issues are on-going and it is necessary to seek the legal help you need to stabilize your life and your family. Now it the time to seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

Wrongful death claims, allow people to ask the courts for compensation for the financial struggles the death of their loved one created for their family. The pain and suffering and loss of a partner or parent through the negligence or violence of someone else cannot be removed. But the guilty person or company can be financially responsible to compensate you and others who were affected. However, you must keep in mind, there is a statute of limitations on how long the courts give you to seek this restitution. Though there are sometimes exceptions the law for the statute of limitations for wrongful death is two years from the date of the death. Your attorney can tell you if there is anything that could change that date, but it is rare to be allowed more than two years to bring charges.

If your wrongful death claim is against the government, there are sometimes additional steps. Sometimes there are particular forms to fill out before you can file charges. Further, you may believe one person, or one company is responsible, but the trained eye of your attorney may see that differently. It may be a contributing vendor or outside supplier had a hand in a poorly designed or poorly manufactured item, that lead to the accident that took the life of your family member. Your attorney must look deep into your case. He will have to investigate the history of the person or business that is responsible. The point is, your attorney needs time to do his job. This is why you should seek legal assistance before the two-year statute of limitations is expired.

It is understandable that you are devastated and want to just forget about everything for a while. But your future and the future of everything that was dear to your loved one depends on you pursuing your wrongful death claim in a timely manner.