Workplace injuries happen every day. Most injuries cost money in medical bills, time away from work, and loss of productivity. Companies are often sued due to negligence resulting in additional legal expenses. Some of these injuries destroy a person’s quality of life and others cause death. Businesses put a lot of effort into safety. They require the correct protective gear, and they provide training and set policy that protects their employees and clients. Below you will find some time-proven tips to improve safety in your place of business.

Follow the rules

Rules are put in place for your protection and the protection of others. Ignoring the rules puts everyone in danger. You may not see the need for the policies that are in place, but you are required to adhere to them. Failure to follow safety guidelines could cost you dearly. Especially if the failure resulted in a personal injury to yourself or an injury to someone else. Do not take shortcuts and do not assume you can do it a better way.

Take responsibility for your own mistakes

If you spill something, break something, or move something to a dangerous position, correct the issue. Never leave liquids or broken items on the floor. People are walking, working, and busy. They do not expect something to be in their path that could cause them to fall. Even if you have housekeeping or maintenance people (whose job it is to clean things up), do not leave the mess unattended until someone is there to address it. If your company has caution signs that can stand over a spill or breakage, erect one. A container from an upper shelf left in a dangerous position can fall and cause serious injury. If you moved something from an upper shelf, move it back to a safe position. Your action or inaction directly affects everyone in the area.

Maintain clear passages

Aisles and walks should always remain clear. Fire exits are never to be blocked. Not only does this make good sense, it is the law. While people can maneuver around blocked passages in normal situations, if there is a fire, loss of power, or other situation that leaves visibility poor, people cannot. This could cause serious injury or death for people who are unable to exit due to a blocked walk or exit.

Install mirrors or signs

Busy manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and other businesses always have areas where corners meet and curve materials create blind spots. If two people on forklifts or carrying boxes turn the corners at the same time, someone could get hurt. Consider installing mirrors to allow people to see around adjoining corners and/or put up signs warning of the potential danger.

Injuries sustained at work are costly for everyone involved. It is critical that everyone within an organization understands and obeys the rules. When an employer is diligent with safety protocol it greatly reduces the instances of accidents while on the job. Do your part to keep your workplace safe.