Get the Help You Need After a Warrick County Crash

If you’ve been in a car accident in Warrick County, you’re not alone. According to the most recent figures from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the roads in and around Evansville see an average of 1,500 crashes yearly, many resulting in severe or fatal injuries.

Where Do Warrick County Car Accidents Take Place?

Map of Where Common Car Accidents Occur in Warrick County

A recent study by Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization comparing the county’s highest total number of crashes between 2016 and 2020 uncovered some sobering statistics. In particular, the report identified the most dangerous intersections in Warrick County, such as:

  • Lincoln Avenue and Old State Route 261: Thirty crashes occurred at this intersection, making it the most hazardous in the county for the time studied.
  • Lincoln Avenue and Frame Road: This intersection was the site of 28 accidents and eight injuries, one severe enough to qualify as incapacitating.
  • Lincoln Avenue and Bell Road: This intersection saw eight injuries from 27 separate accidents, one of which involved a pedestrian.
  • Lincoln Avenue and Epworth Road: Rear-end accidents were the main factor in these 23 crash incidents, four resulting in injuries.
  • State Street: State Street’s three most dangerous intersections saw a combination of 25 crashes— at Gray Street, eight at Sharon Road, and eight at Bell Road.
  • Oak Grove Road and Epworth Road: Despite being controlled by a traffic signal, this intersection saw 21 accidents and seven injuries.
  • Telephone Road and Epworth Road: Nine of the 20 accidents at this intersection were right-angle or t-bone collisions due to a driver’s failure to stop at the stop sign.
  • Old State Route 662 and Yorkshire Drive/Frame Road: Ten of the 15 crashes at this intersection were caused by a driver rear-ending another.
  • Telephone Road and Fuquay Road: Six of the 14 accidents at this intersection involved one or more vehicles running off the road.
  • New Hope Road and Yankeetown Road: This intersection saw 11 crashes, including at least one incapacitating injury.

It’s not just intersections that pose a threat to Warrick County residents. The roadway on 2nd Street between Cherry and Locust was noted for its high rate of left turn and same-direction sideswipe crashes. Additionally, the stretch of Old State Road 61 from Stonehaven Circle to Shelton Road saw 25 crashes, 19 of which were caused by deer.

Speak to an Experienced Warrick County Accident Lawyer

The attorneys of Tuley Law Office know that a crash can transform or end a life in the blink of an eye. While everything you do right now revolves around your recovery, you should never try to navigate the aftermath of a car accident alone.

Lawyers can help with many aspects of your case. For example, drivers involved in a serious car accident may not know that lawsuits aren’t the only option for getting compensation. We can help you get the prompt and fair payment you deserve from your insurance company, allowing you to repair property damage, replace a totaled vehicle, or get the medical treatment you need to move on with your life. 

Victims might also be unaware of the time limits on filing a car accident lawsuit in Indiana. We can help you make your claim for medical bills, lost time from work, and other damages in your personal injury claim. If someone becomes permanently disabled or passes away from the crash, our legal team can help you secure compensation for other losses, like future earnings.

The attorneys at Tuley Law Office take all injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning you don’t pay any legal fees until your case is won. Please contact our Warrick County accident lawyers to discuss your case in a no-cost consultation session.


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