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Severe crashes are unfortunately common in Mount Vernon and throughout Posey County. We want all car accident victims to have the tools they need to take the next steps after a car accident—and get the compensation they deserve. Let’s answer some common questions about Posey County crashes, including where accidents are likely to happen and what to do if you’re struggling after a crash.

The Hard Truth About Posey County Car Accidents

According to traffic safety research from the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, there were 556 crashes in Posey County in 2020, resulting in 83 total injuries and 55 injuries that qualified as incapacitating.

Map of Posey County and Crash Statistics

Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Area

The most commonly identified causes of these crashes included the following:


When vehicles exceed the posted speed limits or fail to adapt their speed to adverse weather and road conditions, the potential for accidents escalates. These accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to life-altering, catastrophic harm. High-speed collisions can cause head trauma, spinal injuries, broken bones, and severe internal damage—often requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Speeding contributed to at least 56 collisions in the county in 2020.


Although drunk driving is a reckless and dangerous behavior that leads to many injuries and fatalities on the road, under the influence, drivers contributed to at least 18 traffic collisions in 2020. Alcohol impairs motor skills, judgment, and reaction times, increasing the likelihood of an accident. In these collisions, injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to traumatic injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and internal injuries.


Nearly a quarter of all crashes in the county in 2020 were deer collisions. Minor injuries included cuts, bruises, or whiplash from the abrupt stop or swerving to avoid the collision. However, in more severe cases, these accidents could lead to head trauma, broken bones, and significant damage to the vehicle, often causing secondary accidents.

The abrupt and unforeseen nature of these crashes can also lead to psychological impacts, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress, for those involved.

Young Drivers

While fault may be in question, there were at least 95 accidents where a person between 15 and 20 was behind the wheel. Inexperienced drivers are still developing their decision-making and risk-assessment skills, which can lead to poor judgment on the road. Speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving are more common among young drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

The overconfidence that sometimes characterizes youth can lead to risky maneuvers and a failure to anticipate and respond to hazards. Furthermore, using technology, like smartphones, while driving is a growing concern among young drivers, diverting their attention from the road.


Although less populated than neighboring counties, Posey County has a network of freeways that increase the risk of a high-impact crash. Highway 62 through Mount Vernon and Highway 66 to Poseyville pose a high risk of deer collisions and veering off the roadway in adverse weather conditions.

I-64 is perhaps the county’s most dangerous road due to high speeds and heavy traffic. A high volume of vehicles on interstates can lead to multi-car pileups, leading to a more significant risk of injury and property damage. Interstate highways can also be particularly vulnerable to large trucks and commercial vehicles, adding to the complexity of accidents.

Protect Your Interests by Hiring a Top Posey County Car Accident Lawyer

Anyone who has experienced a crash can attest to how it can change one’s life. A matter of seconds can alter every aspect of your existence. You may be left injured, disabled, scarred, unable to work, or even mourning the death of a family member.

We know that no amount of money can truly replace your health or fill the void left by a lost loved one. However, receiving fair compensation can ease some burdens as you work to piece your life back together after a car accident. If someone caused your suffering because they were impaired, driving while distracted, or were otherwise seriously negligent, you may be entitled to punitive damages also.

The car accident lawyers at Tuley Law Office can give you an assessment of your case at no cost to you. We take all injury cases on a contingency basis, covering all upfront fees to make justice accessible to everyone. Please contact our Posey County accident lawyers at 812-625-2113 to discuss your next steps in your confidential consultation.

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