Rental Cars And Accidents

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Rental Cars And Accidents

Auto insurance and navigating the rental car process can be confusing. When renting a car, how can you know that you are adequately covered? Are you covered if you injure someone, or if you are injured by an uninsured or an underinsured driver?

Because every traffic accident is different, if you are injured by another motorist while you are driving a rental car in Indiana, it is recommended you seek the advice of an attorney. The outcome and necessary steps will depend on the circumstances and details of an accident.

How Does a Substitute Vehicle Clause Work?

Many automobile insurance policies include a substitute vehicle clause, which provides coverage for a temporary vehicle when the insured vehicle is not in normal use. When you carry such a policy and your rental car meets the policy’s definition of a “substitute vehicle,” the car is covered when you rent and drive it as if it were your own.

If you are driving a rental car and an accident occurs, if the other driver was negligent and is deemed liable, that driver’s insurance company should pay for the rental car damages as well as your own personal injury or injuries. If the at-fault motorist was driving without insurance, you may face a tougher circumstance.

If you were driving a rental car and your own auto insurance policy will not pay for the rental car damages or for your personal injury/injuries, you may look into paying those costs yourself and sue the at-fault driver for reimbursement.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the other party is at fault but uninsured, you will need to make a claim with your own insurance company under your policy’s uninsured motorist provisions. If you are the at-fault motorist in a collision and you are driving a rental car, you may be responsible for all of the damages and injuries, so be certain that you have the proper coverage before you drive any rental vehicle.

If you are injured by a negligent driver in any accident involving a rental car – whether it was you or the other motorist driving the rental – discuss your case and your legal options as quickly as possible with an experienced Evansville personal injury attorney.

At the accident scene, handle an accident involving a rental car just as you would handle any other traffic collision. Ensure everyone is safe, receive medical care if needed, and call the police. Exchange insurance information with the other driver, take photos of the scene and the damages, and if eyewitnesses are on the scene, try to collect their contact information.

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