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It happens abruptly, with no warning at all. You’re in a traffic collision and you are seriously injured. If this happens to you, you must seek medical attention at once, and then, you’ll need legal advice and guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney in Evansville. Exactly how is fault determined after a traffic accident [...]

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Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing services are now available in most parts of the U.S. As consumer transportation options have increased, personal injury attorneys in Evansville and across Indiana are handling a growing number of lawsuits filed against ride-sharing companies. Personal injury lawsuits are sometimes brought against Uber, Lyft, and their smaller competitors based on [...]

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Can A Work Injury Affect Your Mental Health?

Scores of working people in Indiana are seriously injured every year in workplace and work-related accidents. A work-related accident can be tragic, and serious workplace injuries can have severe psychological as well as physical effects. How can an injured worker prove that he or she is entitled to workers' comp benefits? Can working people in [...]

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What Are Your Options For Compensation After A Work Injury?

Workers’ compensation in Indiana provides for workers who are injured on the job and for workers who become ill because of their jobs. However, not everyone who “works” or who “has a job” in Indiana is covered by workers’ compensation. What is your first priority if you are injured while you’re working? You must seek [...]

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The Impact Of Social Media On Your Accident Claim

If you become an injury victim because someone else was negligent, and if you seek compensation for your medical bills from that person’s insurance company, don’t be surprised if the company disputes your claim. If your injuries are severe, and if you seek full compensation for your healthcare expenses and lost wages, it’s likely to [...]

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Workers’ Compensation When Injured While Traveling For Work

If you’re injured on the job in the state of Indiana, you will probably be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation shields employers from personal injury lawsuits that might otherwise be brought by employees; in return, employees receive benefit payments without the need to take legal action or to prove that someone is [...]

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Back Injuries At Work – What Are Your Legal Options?

Over a million of us in the U.S. sustain job-related back injuries every year, according to a study conducted recently at the University of Minnesota. A back injury is the reason for one out of every four missed work days in the United States. Everyone who is employed has a right to expect that their [...]

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Indiana Hit And Run Accidents – What You Need To Know

In all fifty states, leaving or fleeing from the scene of an accident – and especially if anyone has been injured in that accident – is considered a serious crime. You’ll learn what to do if another driver collides with you and then flees the scene, as well as, what an Evansville car accident attorney [...]

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What Does Comparative Fault Mean In Indiana?

If you are injured by a negligent driver in a traffic accident in Indiana, you are entitled to compensation by law, but what if you are injured in a traffic accident and part of the fault for the accident was your own? Every driver in Indiana needs to know how liability and “comparative fault” are [...]

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How To Get Money To Repair Your Damaged Vehicle

If you’ve ever needed repair work on your vehicle after a traffic accident, you may already know how difficult it can be to get an insurance company to cooperate with you. You’re about to learn how best to deal with an auto insurance company to get the money you need for repair work. In southwestern [...]

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