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Have you or a loved one been involved in a motorcycle accident? This type of crash can be devastating, often resulting in life-changing or life-ending injuries for the rider.

In just one year, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reported over 90,000 motorcycle accident injuries and over 4,500 fatalities nationwide. Sadly, motorcyclists are often the victims of inattentive, distracted drivers, who can seriously injure or even kill a rider by something as simple as failing to check their mirrors before changing lanes.

Motorcycle accidents are often amongst the most serious collisions due to the large size differential between vehicles and the fact that the motorcyclist is afforded very little protection from the impact. For this reason, motorcycle accident victims need a knowledgeable attorney who can help them get the compensation they need to cover expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy expenses, lost wages, or in the case of a fatal crash, burial and funeral expenses, amongst others.

Established by Attorney Daniel Tuley, our legal team of personal injury lawyers at Tuley Law Office are here to discuss your case. Daniel Tuley of Tuley Law has been practicing law and working with accident victims throughout Indiana for more than three decades.

It’s important to contact a laywer as soon as possible due to the law limiting the timeframe for filing a claim. Contact the motorcycle accident attorneys of Tuley Law Office for a no-cost case evaluation (812) 434-1936.

FAQs About Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits in Indiana

Every state has its own unique laws governing accident claims and personal injury lawsuits. Indiana is no different. In fact, Indiana has some unique laws that can come into play when seeking compensation for a motorcycle accident claim.

The legal team at Tuley Law Office routinely answers questions on these topics.

How Are Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits Different from Other Types of Injury Cases?

Motorcycle accidents are unique from other types of personal injury cases due to several factors. Firstly, any motor vehicle accident is subject to insurance-related and fault-related laws that may not apply in another type of personal injury case.

Indiana motorcycle accident lawsuits can also be more complex due to the fact that they involve some very serious injuries or even fatalities. Loss of limb, paralysis, brain injuries and other life-changing injuries are not at all uncommon with motorcycle accidents.

These cases require an attorney who has the experience and resources required to accurately calculate future medical costs and other expenses that can arise as a result of the injury. This is key to seeking out compensation to cover your future needs.

Is Indiana a Fault or No-Fault State?

Motorcycle AccidentMany are familiar with the term “fault state” and “no-fault state” when discussing accidents. Indiana is a “fault state,” which means that an injured driver is required to pursue the at-fault driver’s insurance company to seek compensation for their damages and medical expenses (amongst other losses).

This is different from a so-called “no-fault state,” whereby a driver would call upon their own insurer to compensate for medical bills and other losses up to a certain amount (once this threshold is reached, the driver may need to seek additional compensation from the other party’s insurance company via a lawsuit or other measures, such as a settlement.)

Many drivers are confused about the processes for seeking compensation following a motorcycle accident, but your personal injury lawyer can serve as a valuable guide when working through these issues.

What is Comparative Fault and How Does It Impact My Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

Indiana is one of the many states that utilizes a comparative fault system for determining what degree of responsibility a person holds in the event of an accident. This can prove to be a vital aspect of your case, so it is one issue that may be the topic of many discussions with your personal injury lawyer.

In states that use comparative fault, each involved driver’s role in the crash is evaluated and based upon the facts in the case, a percentage of fault or blame is attributed to each party. So let’s say that you’re a motorcyclist who was involved in an accident and you’re found to be 25% at-fault for the collision. This is significant because any financial compensation that you might receive in an accident lawsuit would be adjusted by 25%. So if you were to receive an award of $200,000, this would be reduced by 25% to $150,000 to account for your percentage of fault in the collision.

Comparative fault can have other effects too, particularly if the plaintiff is found to have over 50% of the fault in a collision, as this would equate to a majority of the blame for the crash. In Indiana, the plaintiff would typically be unable to recover anything from the other party since they hold a majority of the fault. For this reason, it’s especially important to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can work to prove that you do not hold the lion’s share of the fault for the collision.

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What Kind of Compensation Can You Possibly Receive After a Motorcycle Accident?

The attorneys at Tuley Law Office are here to evaluate your case, as well as the unique facts of your case. Each situation is different, so there is some variation in terms of what type of compensation you could be eligible to receive. But some of the most common types of compensation include:

  • compensation for hospitalization and medical bills;
  • compensation for physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • compensation for missed work and lost wages that may result from an inability to work in the future;
  • pain, suffering or loss of companionship;
  • funeral and burial expenses in the event of a fatality;
  • expenses required to live independently, such as a personal care attendant due to disability from the motorcycle crash.

Every case is unique. In cases where gross negligence exists, a wrongful death lawsuit may be most appropriate. In this instance, you may be awarded punitive damages, which are intended to penalize the other party for their negligence and carelessness.

How Much Will a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

The cost of hiring a motorcycle accident attorney does vary, but generally, the attorneys of Tuley Law Office accept these types of cases on contingency. This means that there is typically no up-front retainer fee. Instead, the attorney’s fee is taken once the law firm recovers compensation.

In many cases, the other party may agree (or be ordered) to pay your attorney’s fees as part of a settlement or jury award.

Turn to an Experienced Evansville Motorcycle Accident Law Firm for Your Legal Claim

Motorcycle AccidentThe legal team at Tuley Law Office is always available to represent motorcycle accident victims (and those who love them in the case of a fatality.) Our goal is to help you recover the money you need so you can boost your quality of life after being involved in a crash.

Remember that the law restrains the timeframe for filing a lawsuit following a motorcycle accident, so it’s important to contact our attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your case. Contact the attorneys of Tuley Law Office for a confidential, no-cost case consultation session (812) 434-1936.