VA Disability Back Pay

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VA Disability Back Pay

What is VA Disability Back Pay?

VA disability “back pay” is the money owed to a veteran that the VA should have been paying them from the time they became entitled to compensation (what the VA calls the “effective date”) through the time the VA actually granted the veteran’s claim. The VA can often take months or years to grant benefits, depending on several factors.  However, the longer you wait for a decision, the more back pay you will be owed.

What is an Effective Date?

The effective date refers to the start date of your benefits.

The effective date for a disability that was caused or worsened by military service is whichever of these occurs later:

  • The date of the claim
  • The date you first experienced your illness or injury

If you file your claim within one year of the day you left active service, your effective date will be the day following separation.

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