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Vaccine Administration Errors

Vaccines are developed to build immunities within the body. When properly administered, they present your immune system with a mild version of a specific virus. This allows your body to build up antibodies that can recognize and eradicate that particular pathogen. Vaccinations can have a significant impact on the health and immunity of a population if given out correctly. However, anybody who receives a vaccination can be the victim of a vaccine error.

What Are Vaccine Errors?

Vaccine errors are mistakes made in the administration or distribution of vaccines. Vaccine administration errors, often resulting from cases of vaccine administration negligence or disorganization, are not uncommon in medical environments.

Types of Vaccine Errors

Vaccine administration errors can happen in a variety of ways.

  • Incorrect age: If a vaccine dosage is designed for a specific age group, it can be dangerous if given to someone younger or older.
  • Incorrect vaccine: Whether it has an effect on you or not, you may be eligible to pursue damages if you were supposed to receive one vaccine but were given another one instead.
  • Incorrect number of doses: If you are supposed to receive more or fewer doses than you are administered, you may have the incorrect volume of the vaccine in your body, which can lead to negative repercussions.
  • Incorrect dosage: If you are administered too much or too little of a specific vaccine, the consequences will not be predictable.
  • Expired vaccine: After a certain period of time, vaccines are no longer effective. Some will fail to do their job, while others could pose a threat to the patient. If you receive an expired vaccine, you may be eligible to pursue damages.
  • Patient error: It’s the responsibility of the administering company to keep the process organized—assuming you provide them with truthful information. If you make no mistake and are still administered someone else’s vaccine, that counts as a vaccine error.
  • Interval error: Some vaccinations require you to wait a certain amount of time between doses. If the administering company provides you with those vaccinations too early or too late, they can be held accountable for administration negligence.

Vaccine Administration Errors vs. Vaccine Injuries

Tuley Law Office only handles vaccine administration errors, not vaccine injury cases. Vaccine injury involves any issues the patient has with the injected substance. If the correct vaccine is given to the correct person but an individual still has a dangerous reaction or experiences negative side effects, then the case is considered a vaccine injury case.

Our lawyers are trained to represent victims of vaccine administration negligence. WE DO NOT HANDLE VACCINE INJURY CASES.

Are Vaccine Administration Errors Medical Malpractice?

The incorrect administration of a vaccine to the manufacturer’s specifications is typically qualified as medical malpractice liability. Medical malpractice refers to the mistakes or negligence of a party responsible for someone else’s medical care. Receiving a vaccine is considered medical treatment, as it’s meant to immunize you against diseases and illnesses.

COVID-19 Vaccination Error Lawsuit

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination has become a very popular topic. With new developments that differentiate vaccine doses for children and adults, it’s as important as ever to hold administering parties accountable for the correct vaccination protocols. An adult receiving a children’s dosage might not develop an effective immune response, whereas a child receiving an adult dosage might experience negative effects as a result of the vaccine administration error. If you or someone you know is incorrectly administered a COVID-19 vaccination through negligence or mistake, reach out to a vaccine error lawyer for assistance on what to do next.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices, or ISMP, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to safe medication use and preventing medication errors. By tracking statistics on common mistakes in medical treatment, they aim to minimize errors. Together with the California Department of Public Health, ISMP launched VERP in September 2012.

What Is VERP?

VERP, or the Vaccine Error Reporting Program, is an online reporting system that allows patients and healthcare professionals to privately share information about vaccine errors. ISMP uses this information to advocate for modifications at a national level. This might look like making labels more obvious, or encouraging pharmacies to use more organized systems. These changes could educate individuals on vaccine administration and hopefully prevent vaccine errors in the future.

Potential Risks of Vaccine Errors

Even though vaccine errors are not the same as injury errors, they can still result in negative or adverse health effects for the patient. If you have a vaccine administered incorrectly, you should contact your physician as soon as possible. Discuss potential risks and stay vigilant for any other strange symptoms that appear in the near future.

Vaccines are meant to invoke an immune response, so many of the symptoms that appear will probably be reminiscent of a normal cold or fever. Depending on the illness you are being vaccinated for, you may also want to be on the lookout for symptoms of that specific disease.

Even if you do not experience any negative health effects, you may still be able to pursue damages because the company put you at risk by making the error. Reach out to an attorney to see if you have a legitimate case.

What Can a Vaccine Administration Error Attorney Do for Me?

A vaccine error lawyer is an individual who specializes in holding vaccine administration parties who are negligent accountable for their actions. A vaccine administration error attorney will help you conduct a thorough investigation of exactly what happened and who was at fault. Typically, vaccine error cases are fairly one-dimensional—a mistake was made, a guideline was ignored, or somebody did not receive the proper training.

While the cause of medical issues can be relatively easy to connect to a mistake, administering companies will still attempt to protect themselves and their assets. Losing a vaccine error case doesn’t just mean losing money, it also means losing credibility. For this reason, many companies will do whatever they can to undercut your claims. A vaccine administration error lawyer can help you build a strong case and work directly with difficult insurance agents so you don’t have to.

Contact Tuley Law Offices for Help With Vaccine Administration Errors

The vaccine administration negligence lawyers at Tuley Law Office will ensure that you’re protected and confident while pursuing damages. Whether you experience negative side effects as a result of the vaccine errors, or you were simply put at risk by the mistake, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

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