Veterans Disability Law Attorneys

Are you an injured and disabled veteran? Of the nation’s more than 19 million military veterans, it’s estimated that approximately 3.8 million have service-related injuries that have led to some degree of disability.

American veterans can turn to the Department of Veterans Affairs (better known as the VA) for assistance seeking medical care and disability benefits (among other things.) But the process of securing veterans’ disability benefits can be a long, arduous, and confusing one. Matters can be complicated further if your claim is denied.

The experienced team of Evansville, Indiana veterans’ disability law attorneys at Tuley Law Office are committed to serving our nation’s veterans. We will work to help you navigate the process, securing the benefits you rightfully deserve. VA laws are complex, but this is where our experienced legal team can assist, as we can help you with every step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Veterans Disability Law Cases

Our Evansville, VA lawyers routinely work with military personnel as they work to secure the benefits they need to live a good quality life. At Tuley Law Office, we are firm believers that our nation’s veterans deserve only the best in terms of care and benefits in exchange for their service to our nation.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the related veterans’ disability laws can be quite confusing, though, so the following is a look at a few of the most common questions that we address on this topic.

Do I Need Help from a Veterans Attorney to Apply for VA Benefits?

Veterans Disability LawMany veterans opt to apply for VA benefits on their own. But our law firm is always happy to assist if you would like legal counsel before submitting your application.

How Can a Lawyer Help with My VA Benefits Case?

The experienced veterans’ disability attorneys of Tuley Law Office can help in a few different areas. A large portion of our work involves assisting former military personnel who have received a denial letter after submitting an application for veterans’ disability benefits. We can help by providing guidance and representation if you wish to file an appeal or simply wish to discuss and learn more about your options.

Our law firm can also assist by helping you to secure independent medical exams that support your claims of disability. Our legal team can also provide veterans with assistance finding the right vocational rehabilitation experts who can perform a comprehensive review of your case, offering their opinion on your unique circumstances.

These independent third parties can provide very valuable insight and expert testimony that can support your VA disability claim, thereby increasing your chances of seeing a favorable decision on your appeal.

Can You Help Spouses of Veterans Who Die of Combat-Related Injuries File a DIC Claim?

Our veterans’ lawyers also work with military families who’ve recently suffered the loss of their loved one due to service- and combat-related injuries.

The Tuley Law Office can provide guidance and assistance to military families who are seeking help filing a claim for dependency and indemnity compensation, also called a DIC claim.

Dependency and indemnity compensation is a tax-free monetary benefit that’s provided to the spouse and family of veterans who die as a result of their service, including service-related injuries and diseases.

The following people may be eligible to file a DIC claim:

  • A spouse who was married to a military member who died during active duty, during active duty training or during inactive duty training;
  • A spouse who re-married on or after December 16, 2003, or a spouse who remarried after reaching the age of 57;
  • A partner who lived with a veteran up until death or a partner who is separated from a veteran and was not at fault for the separation and had a child with the veteran, but is currently not re-married.

The child of a deceased veteran can also receive DIC benefits if they do not currently benefit from the spouse’s benefits. The child must also be unmarried and under age 18 or a student between the ages of 18 to 23.

Applying for dependency and indemnity compensation can be a complex process, and there are a number of forms and documents that must be completed in order for the claim to receive approval from the VA. Our veterans’ lawyers have the experience and insights required to help expedite the process, ensuring that the DIC claims process goes smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Veterans Disability Law Attorney?

Many cases of this nature are accepted on contingency, which means that the legal fees are deducted from the compensation that is recovered on the client’s behalf. This is ideal for many veterans who may not have the funds to pay an up-front retainer fee.

The exact dollar amount varies depending on how much is recovered and the overall complexity of your case. We always welcome our clients to contact our legal team. We can provide a better idea of expense after learning more about your unique situation.

Hire a Top Evansville Veterans Disability Lawyer to Help Get the VA Benefits You Deserve

Veterans Disability LawVeterans can suffer some very profound, life-altering injuries during the course of their military service. In addition to dealing with the physical injuries, there are also the mental and emotional scars, combined with the difficulty of transitioning from military to civilian life. This process is even more challenging for veterans who are unable to earn a living due to chronic pain and disability. Our law firm is committed to helping vets who are facing this exact sort of scenario.

Established by Attorney Daniel Tuley, who offers over 30 years of experience, Tuley Law Office works with disabled veterans, injured workers, car accident victims, and others who are seeking assistance with a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death case.

We utilize a strategic yet aggressive approach to bringing results for our clients. But it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case to avoid unnecessary delays, while also maximizing your chances of a positive outcome.

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