The Best Treatment Centers in Evansville IN. for TBI

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The Best Treatment Centers in Evansville IN. for TBI

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain suffers a trauma. This could be from a fall, car accident, or something striking the head. Traumatic brain injury is sometimes very minor, and sometimes extremely serious. In all cases, medical attention is required. Sometimes accidents can require interventions from lawyers, if you need help contact our evansville brain injury lawyers.
It is important to understand, some TBI patients require a very long rehabilitation program. When choosing a treatment center, you want a center where the entire staff is experienced and has expertise in head trauma. This includes the nursing staff, physicians, attending staff, and therapist. Inquire about the training and programs they use and if they are certified in any specialized head trauma organizations. No two patients are the same, and their treatment center is chosen based on their needs. For a list of facilities recommended by experts, visit Psychology today. Below we have listed just one of the many options available. This will allow you to see what you should look for when making a decision. Please sit down with your doctor and allow him or her to help you decide.
Health South Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital offers therapy sessions several times a day. Patients will be given a case manager who coordinates your care for all your needs. They offer rehabilitation services for brain injury that are consistent and aggressive therapy although full recovery may not always be possible rehabilitation is needed to reach the full potential of recovery. At Health South Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital, a patient will get a team of specialist including social workers and case managers that offer to counsel patients and their families. They address financial and insurance issues and assist with plans regarding hospital care, and can advocate for you with insurance companies, disability offices and community resources. They focus on restoring the best possible level of physical, cognitive and behavioral function. They also offer home-based services and assessments.

Inpatient Services

The continuum of rehabilitation for persons with traumatic brain injury is segmented into three stages which are inpatient, community integration, and lifetime care. Some patients will be in inpatient care for a long time following a brain injury.
During inpatient services there will be a team of specialist to help a patient make a full recover. During inpatient treatment, the patient will receive a plan of care starting with proper nutrition and medication, following with:
Physical therapy helps evaluate and enhance mobility, balance, strength and flexibility.
Occupational therapy helps with activities such as feeding, dressing, bathing and personal grooming. And helping a patient relearn to do those things on their own.

Outpatient services

HealthSouth Deaconess also offers outpatient services. The patient will return to the center a daily or a few times a week, sessions lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. During that time, they will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy.

Alternative Neurologist

Another important part of dealing with a brain injury is to have the right neurologist. During a traumatic event, a neurologist will see you at the hospital but you have options to get a second opinion.
If your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, you need to work with the professionals. You should seek a second opinion from another qualified neurologist. Be prepared to get training for yourself, and other members of the family that will help with long-term care.

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