How to Prove Service-Connected Disability

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How to Prove Service-Connected Disability

How to Prove Service-Connected Disability

If you’re an injured or disabled veteran, you are not alone. Of nearly 20 million veterans in the United States, almost four million have service-related injuries that have resulted in some degree of disability. U.S. Veterans may turn to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to obtain disability benefits.

What is Service-Connected Disability?

Service-connected disability occurs when a veteran’s disability stems directly from military service. Your ability to prove a service-connected disability should be easy to determine based on evidence. In the event you need legal assistance to navigate the process of obtaining benefits for a service-connected disability as a veteran, the attorneys at Tuley Law are here to guide you.

Am I Eligible for VA Service-Connected Disability?

In order to qualify for benefits due to a service-connected disability, the following factors must be present:

  • You have served on active duty and have proven the disability was caused while on active duty

You may also:

  • Have been injured while serving in the military and can link the injury to your disability
  • Have had an illness or injury, and serving worsened your condition
  • Have a disability related to active duty that did not appear until your service ended

Veterans and qualified dependents are eligible for service-connected disability benefits pending approval. If you are unsure if you qualify for veterans’ service-connected disability, contact the experienced attorneys at Tuley Law today for a case evaluation.

What Evidence Is Required to Prove Service-Connected Disability?

There are several ways to prove that your disability as a veteran is related to service. You may not have trouble proving your disability exists, but linking it to your service is very important. The following are theories under which you may prove your service-connected disability:

  1. Direct service-connection
  2. Secondary-service connection
  3. Service-connected disability due to aggravation 

If you believe you have the evidence to prove a service-connected disability, contact the legal team at Tuley Law for a no-obligation case evaluation.

How Do I Build My Case for Service-Connected Disabilities?

To build your case for a service-connected disability, you’ll need evidence and supporting documentation, which may include the following:

  • DD214
  • Record of in-service treatments
  • Any medical evidence related to the illness or injury, including but not limited to your medical reports or test results

To file any claim, you will need to show evidence that your disability is service-related.  For information or advice specific to your case, contact the Evansville, Indiana VA disability lawyers at Tuley Law today.

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