Dog bite injuries can cause severe damage and financial strain. If you’ve been injured as a result of a dog attack then you should consult with an experienced dog bite attorney that can handle your case and help you get the financial compensation you deserve. Whether you’ve already had to deal with a dog bite injury or never have it’s still important to know how to prevent dog bites from occurring and which dogs are most likely to attack.

You should know that any dog, no matter the size, breed, or history, is capable of attacking. This does not mean that every dog will, but it does mean that it can happen and you should exercise caution when around unfamiliar dogs.

Here are a few reasons that a dog may attack:

  • As a reaction to a stressful environment or situation
  • To protect their owner, puppies, or any other animal or person they feel protective toward
  • They feel threatened, startled, or sick
  • They are playing rough and nipping at a person while excited
  • They are poorly socialized or have a history of abuse
  • A lack of training

Any dog may fit the criteria above, so it’s important to know this when interacting with any new dog. Many dog breeds carry a stereotype or stigma with them that makes people think they are more likely to attack than other breeds. The breeds that people perceive more likely to attack or breeds that statistically cause the most dog bite injuries are still capable of being excellent, loving family dogs. You should not assume that a dog is dangerous just because of its breed, but you should always be careful around new dogs and not put yourself in a dangerous situation or excite the dog unnecessarily.

Here are a few of the breeds that are most likely to attack according to dog bite statistics in the United States.

Labrador Retrievers: Due to their well-known nature of being friendly and one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, it may come to a surprise that labs are the most likely dog to attack according to bite statistics. Labs may develop aggressive tendencies as a part of training or lack of training.

Pit bulls: While this breed does have a bad reputation and people are often afraid of them due to their fighting dog history, a pit bull can be a wonderful family dog and loyal companion with proper training and a good environment. Several breeds are often lumped into the pit bull category, including blocky looking mixed breeds, so the pit bull finds itself responsible for a good amount of annual dog bites. They have very powerful jaws and can inflict serious damage so some insurance companies will not cover them and some municipalities limit or ban their ownership to prevent bites.

Other breeds: There are several other breeds that are responsible for the majority of attacks and dog bite injuries each year in the United States. These breeds include Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and American Bulldogs.