You may be compensated in several ways for your car accident injuries in Warrick County, IN. The most important ones usually are for your medical expenses, but there are others that we will outline below. Here is what our car accident law firm has to say:

Medical Expenses

Car accident injuries can be serious, and your medical bills in Warrick County, IN could run into the thousands of dollars. Also, some car accident injuries may not hurt or be apparent at first. That is why you should be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible after your car accident. If you want to later file a claim or lawsuit against another party to pay for your injuries, you will benefit from having a paper trail initiated with your doctor immediately after the accident.

Some of the medical expenses you can be compensated for include:

  • All doctor visit expenses and charges
  • Ambulance fees
  • Emergency flight fees
  • Accessories including home medical equipment
  • Consultations with all health care professionals
  • Chiropractic care and physical therapy

Your doctor may think that you will need more medical treatments at the time of settlement, and your car accident attorney will calculate what those may cost.

Pain and Suffering

This is any mental and physical distress you suffer and you can seek compensation in your lawsuit for these. These damages can be substantial if you are seriously injured and have suffered a great deal of pain. Also, if your doctor states that you will face substantial pain and suffering in the future, you can be compensated for this as well.

Another aspect of pain and suffering damages can include anxiety and stress that you experience as a result of your injuries in Warrick County, IN.

Lost Wages

After your accident, you may not be able to work for a long period of time. You may not be able to physically perform your duties anymore. Or, you may miss significant time because you have to go to physical therapy or other health care provider appointments. You also may have lost wages due to being in the hospital for several weeks.

You need to prove that your car accident injuries have reduced your ability to earn a living, both now and in the future. How much you will be compensated for lost wages will depend somewhat on your age, skill, occupation and experience.

Loss of Companionship and Consortium

If you are married or have a partner, your injury could prevent you from spending time with your significant other. The accident also could prevent you from engaging in sexual activity; this is referred to as loss of consortium. These damages are claimed by the spouse or partner who is not injured.

Also, if the person dies in the car accident, the family may claim loss of society and companionship damages.

Overall, a serious car accident can result in major compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. It is important to consult with an attorney about your accident if you have suffered serious injuries.