If you have had a car accident, getting your car repaired properly and at a fair price is important to you. However, it is common for auto collision estimates to vary widely from place to place.

How to find the best auto collision repair shop in Vanderburgh County? Our research indicates that best results are found by remembering these guidelines:

Word Of Mouth Is King

Any auto collision business with a budget can advertise, but you do not know how good that shop really is. You will generally obtain the best repair results by selecting an auto collision shop that friends or family recommend. That is an auto body repair shop that has been able to satisfy people you know. And remember, the best collision repair shop in Vanderburgh County may not be the biggest company in the country.

There are shops out there that you can find by referrals that may not advertise a lot, but relies almost entirely on word of mouth. Some of those less-known businesses may have the best service and prices.

Consider Location

And not for the reason you might think: A convenient location is great and nothing wrong with it. However, remember that in the auto collision repair business, the big difference in quotes is labor hours. A shop that is in a less expensive area has lower overhead costs, and may have a correspondingly lower hourly rate.

For example, some shops in smaller towns might charge $50 per hour. Meanwhile, in a high traffic part of Chicago, the shop may charge $75 per hour. That extra $25 per hour really adds up for extensive repairs.

Also, big businesses with many office workers have to charge higher labor to pay those salaries. While having a big front office staff may give the customer a feeling of confidence, those salaries must be paid for.

A smaller shop may just go by the reference guide that auto body shops use to estimate hours, and charge you that number of hours. A larger shop with higher expenses may pad the estimate with hours they ‘may’ need to fix the problem but not always. A more expensive shop may charge to remove the door, and another shop may decide to just leave it on and do the repair.

Get Several Quotes

You should take your car to at least three auto collision repair shops in Vanderburgh County. This is the best defense to prevent an overcharge. Also, you do not always want to take the cheapest quote. You may get a fly by night operation that gives you the lowest rate. But the car may not be repaired properly, and that can be dangerous.

Use Your Eyes

You can find the best body shop by just using your eyes and trusting your intuition. If there are no customers around, that might tell you that the business has trouble finding customers. If the office and shop are a mess, this could be reflected in the work they do on your vehicle.