Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. Construction professionals are continually looking for hidden dangers and stressing safety. While falls are probably the most common cause of injury on a construction site, they are by no means the only cause of injury. Below you will find many injuries that occur on construction sites every day. While often minor, sometimes they are very serious resulting in permanent injury or death.


There are many situations on construction sites that can cause injury from burns. Explosions and fires, exposed electrical wires, dangerous chemicals, and leaking pipes can all cause burn injuries.

Head injuries

A head injury is sometimes caused by a construction worker falling. However, often a falling object strikes the worker, causing serious head injury. Tools, machines, and materials sometimes fall from above construction. Also, a worker digging will be struck by rocks falling from the side of the trench or a cave in can fall on the worker.

Spinal cord injuries / stress injuries

Again, falling is the cause of many of these types of injuries. However, injury to the spinal cord, back, legs and shoulders are sometimes attributed to the nature of the job. Constant walking, standing, kneeling, bending, and lifting can injure the construction worker.

Broken bones / loss of digits

When you work with machinery there is always the threat of a malfunction that could cause bones to be broken or crushed. The dangerous tools on a construction site are known for easily removing fingers and toes of an employee that discovers too late the danger of the equipment.

Heat stroke

Construction workers have to work around the weather. This means on sunny days they are often trying to make up time lost to rainy days. The summer months are brutal. Without proper monitoring, regular breaks, and good hydration, heat stroke becomes a real problem that injures workers in the construction industry often.

Hearing loss

Due to the continual exposure, the construction worker suffers from the noises of machinery, building, banging, and shouting, hearing loss is an injury that affects one in every eight construction worker. That translates to more than 25,000 workers annually.

Most construction site injuries are avoidable. By securing tools, materials, and supplies, the risk is reduced. Wearing protective gear such as a hard hat, ear plugs, proper footwear, and work gloves reduces injury significantly.

If a construction worker is injured due to the neglect and carelessness of others or defective machinery, he must seek legal action to ensure compensation for his injury. These injuries are often life altering and preventable.

A construction company has rules, policies, and laws they must follow. Failure to follow these rules and laws, which results in a construction worker suffering injury (or worse) is unacceptable. Those responsible to ensure safety at the job sites, must be held accountable. Medical bills, therapeutic resources, rehabilitation, and long-term health care are costly and the injured construction worker has a right to expect these long-term expenses be covered by those responsible.