Just as there are different kinds of medical professionals there are different types of attorneys. You would not choose a podiatrist to care for your heart or a head injury. So, why would you trust an attorney that specializes in business or real estate to handle a wrongful death case? You choose your attorney based on their level of expertise. You need an attorney with the knowledge, experience, and passion to use the full extent of the law to secure your future and protect your rights. This is a painful situation that has lifelong repercussions. You have one opportunity to seek restitution. That is your opportunity to recover financially and to protect your future and the future of your family. Your attorney is your only line of defense and your voice during a time when you are unable to speak for yourself.

What does the Wrongful Death Attorney Do?

A wrongful death attorney begins the process of restoring your financial stability at the moment he accepts your case. Though many times the attorney can reach a fair settlement before a court appearance is necessary, he must be prepared. Therefore, he immediately prepares the case with the expectation of taking it to court. The wrongful death attorney knows, there could be (and probably is) more than one person or company involved in the case. He must begin by looking at every detail of the action that took your loved one’s life and determine who is responsible. He will consult professionals in each questionable field. Here are just a partial list of the people and entities that will be interviewed:

  • The manufacturer of any equipment involved, including an automobile
  • Any outside vendor who supplied or installed the failed item
  • The owners of the company and the inspection history or the safety records of the company
  • The record of an individual that caused the death
  • Witnesses
  • Families of former victims
  • EMT’s
  • Medical staff (for malpractice.)
  • Defense attorney’s

Your wrongful death attorney also files all the forms and necessary papers that the courts require. His job is very detailed and time-consuming. He must work methodically. Do not assume he is doing nothing because he is not in continual contact. His detailed work will allow you to receive every dime coming to you.

What you can do

  • Shut down your social media accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Fully cooperate with your attorney
  • Provide all information requested
  • Be honest, never hold anything back
  • Do NOTattempt to contact people (especially the medical professionals involved) on your own

NOTE: It is very important to shut down your social media accounts while going through a wrongful death case. No matter how high your privacy settings are, information can be collected. People tend to “vent” and speak in the heat of the moment on social media. These things can be used against you in court. There have been many times when judges have allowed it. Do not chance it.

If you have suffered the wrongful death of someone you love, do not fight this battle alone.